At a Glance

  • Start a blog

    I'll teach your kids how to start a free blog from scratch: how to tell a story, organize their thoughts, design their site, simple coding, and more!

  • Understand Social Media

    What it is, how it can be used to grow, how to manage/turn off/monitor comments, when to talk to an adult, and more!

  • Start a YouTube Channel

    Start a YouTube channel with me! I'll teach them what they need, how to shoot quality videos, public speaking tips, lighting and backdrops and more!

  • Growth and Goals

    How to set goals, growth strategies, we'll even discuss some basic ways to make money on a blog/YouTube channel down the road.

  • Course Manual

    A simple downloadable workbook that will help your kids take notes, keep track of passwords and important log in information, write down their goals and growth, and more.

Course curriculum

Pricing options

On a budget? No problem! Pay for the course in 2 monthly installments rather than all at once!


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    For the life of my blog! You can log in anytime, even a year from now and refresh!

  • Can I use this with more than 1 child?

    Yes! Sign up once and use it for all your kids. This can be used within 1 immediate family but your username and password cannot be shared with other families without violating copyright.

  • Do I have to set up social media for my child?

    Not at all! Your child can use your account for their Facebook groups so that you can also monitor what they do. They could also add pages or groups that are for their blog but use your account (so you can monitor them). OR you could not use social media at all. Your child will still learn the ins and out of marketing and it will serve them well whether they use it or not.

  • Can my child use this course if I am technologically challenged?

    YES! I designed it to be nearly entirely video based, most days with 3-5 videos to walk them through even if they aren't fluent readers. Take it with your child if you want, I'll walk you through everything!

  • Do I need internet to access this course?

    Yes, you do. The videos will be streaming and available on computer, iPad, or phone.

  • What equipment do we need?

    For blogging you'll need a computer. It is really hard to type and do this on an iPad. You'll need a camera/phone for pictures, it doesn't have to be high end, just something with the ability to take digital images to use on blog posts. Internet access is required. For YouTube you'll need a phone for recording videos or a DSLR camera or something to record video is the main requirement. You can do an entire YouTube channel with just a smartphone, but if you don't have a smartphone or are using a camera, you will also need a computer to transfer your video and upload it to YouTube.

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Let's teach our kids to communicate effectively, share their passions and interests, and understand the risks and benefits of being online!

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