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This course is one of the best I have made. It is full of videos, encouragement, step-by-step help and tutorials to help you identify the problem areas in your homeschool day and how you can change those. Now with DOUBLE the lessons AND a private Facebook group! Top planning tips, organization tips, creating a mission statement and even my top curriculum picks by age and grade! This course has everything you need to give you fresh vision for this year.
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  • NEW: Private Facebook Group!

    For the first time ever I am excited to offer a private Facebook group where daily challenges will be posted and for you to connect and hear from other moms in the same journey right alongside you!

  • NEW! Now self-paced!

    Join anytime! Work through it at your own pace! The course is now open to use at your leisure.


    The course has been expanded from 1 week to 2! With new lessons to help you find your vision, identify your homeschool mission statement (your why) and how that can help you PLUS we're getting into homeschool organization and even homeschool planning with just a notebook and a pen. We'll finish up with my top curriculum choices by grade and subject to give you some fresh perspective!

  • Learn the ins and outs of Looping

    Homeschool looping is a life saver! In this course I'll not only teach you how, I'll give you samples and tools to help you make a loop (or multiple loops) that can help you prioritize!

  • Get My Homeschool Planner... for free!

    $9.95 value, I'll give you my undated homeschool planner for free to help you get organized and give you the tools and resources you need to be in control of your day!

  • How to create your own Morning Basket

    I'm going to teach you what a morning basket is and how you can make your own that is not only fun and functional, but helps take some of the pressure off during your regular school time.

  • Manage the chaos

    Learn how to teach multiple kids together, combine your curriculum and create a flow that will make your day more achievable.

  • Create a homeschool schedule or routine

    We're not just talking about big picture ideas that don't help, in this course I'll give you samples and tools to help you create your own homeschool schedule or routine in a way that is sustainable and realistic!

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by Brooke

She gave me my confidence back!

by Brooke

Rebecca's course, Structuring your Homeschool Day, was amazing! Not only did she give me some great tools, advice and lessons on how to plan out my homeschool day, she also gave me my confidence back! Even though I have been homeschooling for 6 years, I was starting to get overwhelmed with each child I added into our homeschool day. This course truly helped me discover the flexibility that I have to make our schedule our own and how not to become a slave to my curriculum but to make the curriculum work for our family. Thank you Rebecca for this great course, it has become an invaluable tool to our homeschool journey! -Brooke Martin (Mom of 4)